Good News For Those of Us Still Single!


A few things happened this weekend, and perhaps one thing in particular worth talking about ... though perhaps I'll save that for later in the week.

For now, I'll mention that I did go to one party, on rainy Saturday night. I arrived a bit early, and noticed that all the other attendees there were either single chicks, like myself, OR co-ed twosomes who were clearly couples, judging from the way they were either holding hands, sitting nearly on top of each other on the couch, or lounging together on the bed in the other room, as one tired pair was doing.

As the party progressed, I began to wonder if it was being held not in an apartment but Noah's Arc, from the way everyone was entering two-by-two.

Eventually, my beloved BFF-to-BF-to-BFF Jake Stein showed up--with his fiancee, whom I also adore--and things livened up. I tagged along with Jake as he went into the kitchen to get drinks and there, emboldened by the presence of Jake, I did manage to introduce myself to a dude who seemed to be unattached. (My pick-up line, for those at home keeping score: "What's that drink you're concocting there?" It was Vodka with coconut water and mint leaves, as it turned out.) We chatted amiably for a while ... till he said, "You know, I'm sure my date is wondering where I am. Want to come into the back with me, to meet her? We're talking to some really cool guy who writes about technology for [[insert name of fancy magazine here]] and his wife, who's an editor for [[an equally fancy magazine]]."

Wanting to be a good sport, I trooped off to meet the group ... but before we could get very far, the date-girl came to meet us. She had, indeed, been wondering where her dude was.

Anyway, I did not score any points in favor of living flirtatiously this weekend.

I did, however, have a very fun conversation last night with a New York City firefighter! Who contacted me online. If we end up dating, he will be the second fireman here in NYC whom I've dated. We'll see what happens.

* * * * *

What may be more noteworthy--and more heartening--news than The Weekend Report from Maura Kelly HQ, for those of us who are still single: A new study from The University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business found that the lowest divorce rates are among people who marry late with more education.

Who has t
he highest rates? Peeps who marry young ... with less education. Betsey Stevenson, the economist who led the study, noted that one reason for the age factor could be that as people became older they had a better idea of their preferences, so were more likely to find someone who matched them. "The big questions are how to balance life across work, leisure and community," she also said. "People have a better sense of that in their late 20's and early 30's. When people marry at a younger age, the match may become worse with time."

Okay, makes sense ... but that sounds like it's all about age. What role does education play? Generally speaking, the more education you have, the more money you're likely to make. "That can smooth a lot of the rough edges around a relationship," Stevenson said.

Another possible factor: Impulsive people are both more likely to marry young and to walk away from a marriage, she added. (Read more about Stevenson's divorce study here.)

So guys ... what do you think? Are any of you high-school drop-outs who married young, who'd like to give Betsey Stevenson an earful about your awesome marriage? On the other hand, did any of you divorce your college sweetheart and find a more stable relationship later in life?




to my dear commenters:

-Nufan! He said "unfortunately" to indicate he has a little crush on YOU! but wants to be faithful to his girlfriend.

-Amber: I love that your Brazilian lover was actually from Mexico! Ha!

-And Edwinna: I love to think of you listening to the BBC! Hmm, a little more insight into who you are.

-Claire from the South: I bet your Southern accent *does* make all the boys swoon. And enjoy your cheese bagel and Diet Coke today.

-Kay: What better way to learn about any country than by dating the people in it? Right?


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