5 Hilarious Flirtatious E-Cards


Does everyone know about the siteSomeecards.com ? They have the most hilarious e-cards I've ever seen--and an entire section of the site is devoted to little notes you can send (for free, of course) to people you're dating.

Perhaps my top favorite:

I had a great time on our date, unless you didn't in which case I didn't either

The card I would send to SOMEBODY, just for fun, if I didn't work from home:

If I was your coworker, I'd sexually harass you

My favorite in the "I wish someone would send this to me" department:

I'm concerned your hotness may eventually make me insecure

My favorite in the quite-dirty-yet-flirty department:

Let's safeguard ourselves against swine flu by only doing it doggie style

My runner-up in the quite-dirty-yet-flirty department:

Let me know your preference in pubic hair shapes

Guys--want to check out the site and tell me about the ones you think are funniest? Are there any that I should send to The Painter or to the Baby Fireman? (Or Barnaby Jepperdoom?) Which ones are you most excited to use?




-Paris: thank you, of course, for turning me on to these e-cards! oh, and a red leotard--that does sound like a good way to kick off a flirtation.

-Lyonaria: sorry people didn't get your costume--weird! i saw betty boop on a bumper sticker last night and thought of you. and i did just get my fancy new phone; very exciting ...

-thank you Natti ...

-and Edwinna, thank you for giving me credit! I have to say the Painter made it kind of easy--the only way in which I felt like I went out on a limb was by inviting him into the car ...

-Madge: I like your point about him potentially being more interesting ... but ...

-Amber: no word! so, at this point, I kind of think all bets are off.

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