Are You a Drama Queen Part II: 10 Ways to Avoid Being a Drama Queen

In light of my recent scrape with Drama Queens, I'm suggesting strategies to remove the "drama" from the "queen." It would be helpful for you to read my previous post, as I reference characters and events from that post.

These suggestions will help:

1. Shed drama. Remember, guys hate drama...even though I'm a drama queen. Sad.

2. Avoid arguments and stress within your relationships.

Here are my ideas:

Don't Overreact

My message to the girl from my previous post who freaked out over a beer spill: Honey, do you realize bringing your $500 bag into a diner full of drunks at 2 a.m. means something bad might happen to it? Is it really worth it to chew someone and burn negative energy over little things?

Gain Perspective

That girl from the diner should be happy that she even has a nice bag to ruin, that she's not at war, and that she's healthy (although I'm not sure she's mentally healthy). There are worse things than beer on your bag.

Most of the drama queens in my life are those girls that got straight A's in college but do not have the wherewithal to deal when placed in an unfamiliar situation (unless they have a syllabus to follow). They are inexperienced in life.

Perhaps when I go out with girls like Katie from my previous post, I should be prepared for drama because Katie is younger. Things that were once a big deal are not as big a deal as you learn more and get older.

Other than "growing up," you can gain perspective by reading, staying caught up with current events (and not just celeb news — because this is fantasy), traveling, volunteering in a soup kitchen or hospital, meeting people less fortunate than you. I remember, once when I was driving my little sister, we got lost in the Baltimore ghetto. She exclaimed: "Wow, people live here?" Um, yeah.

Take a Deep Breath

Taking a deep breath centers you, so you can think before reacting. I should have taken a deep breath before I attacked my friend for her tragic Lady Gaga statement in the previous post.

Pick and Choose Your Battles

Sometimes it's best to let things go. Recognizing arguments that serve no purpose is an important skill.

Don't Give the Evil Eye

My friend's evil eye annoyed me because it chased away the Texas girls. An evil eye won't solve anything, but it will create drama.

Never Assume

Assumptions are products of imagination and often blown out of proportion. It seems no matter what I say, for example, women assume I'm calling them fat. In my previous post, the Texas girls assumed Katie was giving them the evil eye, but she could have been giving me the evil eye while I talked to them as a residual effect of our Lady Gaga blowup.

Don't Give Up in a Huff

In the previous post, Katie simply took off after she was annoyed. Running away from drama is a noble move on the surface, but it actually creates more drama. It's a cry for attention. No matter how far things push you, try not to go over the edge. Deal with it. And try to say "goodbye" at the very least, before you disappear.

Don't Take Your Mood Out on the World

During our Monday debriefing of the weekend (sans alcohol), Katie told me that she was drunk and tired, so she "got aggressive." If you're having a bad day, don't take it out on everyone else.

Know Thy Drunk Self

Awareness of alcohol's ability to change how you perceive things will help you to avoid overreacting. This self-awareness will also help you stay out of situations that require a clear mind, like arguing politics/religion...or Lady Gaga.

Avoid Dramatic Thoughts/Language/Habits

In my previous post, the Texas girl said: "That girl hates me." Hate? Statements like: "best ever" or "I hate her" are based on emotion more than fact. Dramatic language waters down your opinion. Everything is the "best ever," and it doesn't sound intelligent or thought-out.

My friend, says she's "too busy" to even talk for a second at work. Perhaps she's the CEO, and I'm just not aware of this. This same friend overschedules her time on weekends too, seemingly thriving off the drama of the self-created time crunch.

People wonder why I like being single. Perhaps I enjoy sitting in peace without a daily cyclone of drama raising my blood pressure. The list above tells me I'm looking for an intelligent, mature girl who has a cool head about her. Are there any out there?

Do you agree with my suggestions for avoiding Drama Queen status? What would you add to this list?

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