8 Things You Never Knew About Me...and Were Afraid to Ask (Part 1)

I'm an open book — you know I've feared I was gay, say dumb things, and I'm in touch with my feminine side. As you get to know someone, some things seal you in: you might like what you discover about a person. Some things might turn you off; as my dad says: my mom's hidden bad traits appeared after marriage. Timing is everything for when it comes to revealing certain traits. And some traits help explain why someone behaves the way they do.

It's fun getting to know someone, and the closer you get the more details you get, beyond just "nice," "funny," or whatever. As you learn more, does it bring you closer together, or do you run away once you really get to know more of these traits. Are some traits fun at first, but then annoying after a while?

Here are a few of my "hidden" traits along with when they usually come out and when they should come out:

Left-Handed Sagittarius Middle Child

This translates to total freak. Some of my Sagittarius traits ring true: a thirst for adventure, wanderlust, and getting bored quickly. On the other hand I'm a bit of a homebody. Left-handedness has forced me to adjust since day one. As a middle child between two sisters, I'm blessed...and cursed. I enjoy being the center of attention, the classic middle child syndrome. In short, all of these weird traits jumble my mind, and cause me to speak before my mind can edit the words.

This is usually disclosed early. This is fine, considering "what's your sign?" is a cliché pickup line. It's never a bad thing to talk about things that make you unique.


When I was 14, I a doctor diagnosed me with ADD which apparently explained my terrible organizational skills and hyperactivity. I don't like using ADD as a crutch, but awareness of it helps me conquer it and understand myself.

I try to hide this, but my behavior gives it away. And it has to come out after I've made my first ADD-related mistake in a relationship. It's best to hold this in until a woman is too into me to care about it.

God Is Out to Get Me

My Roman Catholic grandmother did this to me, even though I'm not a "practicing" Catholic. According to her, there's a black spot on my soul for every sin I commit. This is part of the reason I'm afraid to fly. Being on an airplane gives God a chance to strike me down along with my charcoal soul.

I should probably not tell any woman that I'm a sinner or that I'm afraid God hates me. And, my fear of flying turns off women who like to travel. This should be hidden as long as possible.

My Grandfather Was an Orphan

It's fun to discuss my ethnic background with women. My dad is from the Philippines, my mom is part Italian and...part Irish? My grandfather on my mom's side never knew his biological parents. Everyone guessed he was Irish (perhaps so we could celebrate and get drunk on St. Patrick's day), but no one knows. I'd love to find out someday.

This can come out during the first meeting. Discussing family and heritage is fun, and I think it's interesting that my grandfather was an orphan and probably the ONLY way I can manage to look mysterious.

If these 4 traits didn't scare you too much, continue to Part 2 for the other 4...

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