5 Dates That Require Sacrifice

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It's scary that people were lining up during the wee hours on Black Friday morning just to shop. It's a noble cause, but I'd never partake in that activity.

I wonder how many husbands were dragged along, hoping there are some lucky ones had been left behind because their wives knew they would misbehave or pout.

One sacrifice we make in dating is participating in each other's activities. In relationships, it's a given that here are various "dates" that one participant will enjoy more.

Dating is a truly selfless act, and I've struggled to make this type of sacrifice. I'm hoping that when I meet the right girl, I'll enjoy doing anything with her because it's the right girl.

This may be fairy tale — from time to time, I've heard long term couples lament the things they don't like to do that the other makes them do.

Here are some dates and activities that are often loved by one person in a couple more than the other:


I'm a woman's worst shopping nightmare. I'm impatient, and I break down in crowded stores.

I have an agenda when I walk into a store: I know exactly what I want and I pick it up as quickly as possible. Trying things on is a major no-no.

Every minute spent deciding, comparing, looking melts my mind. After a while, you'll find me on that chair they put out for the defeated men-almost every store has that chair. Or I'll say I'm going somewhere else for a bit and I'll disappear, and get in trouble.

I need women to come with me to go clothes shopping, as style consultants. So, I expect them to come with me but I don't want to go with them. It's the ultimate hypocrisy, but I must say that I'm much faster than women when it comes to shopping.

Sporting Events

One of my old girlfriends told me that her mom used to go with their family to the Orioles game, but she used to bring her knitting along. I always wondered how you could go to a sporting event and not pay attention to the game.

This is a classic case of a husband just wanting his wife to be part of the experience. My first instinct is not to make women go to sporting events unless they want to go. On the other hand, I don't want her to feel left out.


Every year my mom makes me take her to the opera for Mother's Day. Things like opera and Broadway shows seem like huge undertakings to me. Leading up to the event, I'm anxious and dreading sitting there for two hours. But once the event starts I must admit it's always good.

Luckily, my mom has good taste in opera. Bizet'sCarmenis the best.


The secret geek in all of us loves museums.Problem is that we might have different tastes. For example, my little sister and I love that insect zoo at the Smithsonian. We always go straight for the giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroach tank and stare in wonder at these giant things...wondering what would happen if we found one in our apartments.

I love snakes, sharks and other freaky creatures. My art tastes range from Art Deco of the 1930's to Pop Art born in the '50's. What one person finds interesting, another might find boring (or gross).I wonder who would go look at that Madagascar Cockroaches with me.

"Chick Flicks"

Guys often use the chick flick experience to apologize for something stupid they've done. Most couples alternate turns picking movies to see. Guys and girls often have different tastes; I hate chick flicks but love horror movies.

These are two ends of a spectrum; in fact, one time a girl walked out of the theater because she was so scared of the a movie...or maybe she just didn't like me. I'll tell myself it was the scary movie.

Hopefully, I'll find a girl that makes anything fun. I admit I've done "girl stuff" dates too. I took one girl to "get our hair did" by my gay hairdresser Ricardo. I was done in 30 minutes, but she took forever. Apparently there's a hardcore blow drying process. After all was said and done, it turns out her hair cost five times more than mine...something I hadn't even considered a possibility. Needless to say, we had no more hair dates together after that.

What are examples of dates that you consider sacrifices? Do you think there's someone out there that can make anything fun, or do you believe that sometimes we just have to grin and bear it for certain activities?

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