The 6 Strangest Things About Fashion Week

What is it with women and Fashion Week?

I get women and shopping, women and puppies, women and chocolate. But Fashion Week? Women around town are desperate for a peek at the pageantry.

So what's the deal?

Actually, I've been to a show or two — I admit it. Let me tell you some of the things I saw:

Weird Attire

At a Heatheretteshow a few years back, I saw one model prancing down the runway with baskets acting as cups for a bra. Wicker baskets! I guess that style didn't catch on because I didn't see any bras like that anywhere from Victoria's Secret to Walmart (not that I go looking through the bra sections at those stores).

Outlandish Hair

Some of these girls come out with their hair spiked in all sorts of different directions. I suppose this is part of the artistic statement, but I've never seen any woman I know cop any of these crazy hairdos.

Ghoulish Makeup

The most common look is that black under the eyes that make the woman look like a zombie. It's more scary than attractive.

Frightening Struts

That model walk intimidates me. It's super confident, the gals do that cross foot walk slamming their high heels down with every step. They look like they are about to walk right off the runway and kick my butt. Why do they look so angry?

Skin and Bones

Most of the women up there are too thin. I worry about their health. I guess there's something about this body type that shows off the clothes best, but basket bra girl was barely visible from beneath those baskets.

Guys Who Wear Stuff I'd Never Wear

The guys come out in sailor suits, manpris (male capris), mandals, and shirts that look like blouses. Even the cool looks are looks I'm obviously too lame to pull off.

I guess seeing this crazy fashion is the same as a guy going to a car show to see a futuristic car. The practical "guy" side of me is wondering why we go look at this outlandish stuff if you can't run right out to Target the next day and buy the look. But I guess it's about getting ideas, and trends. Or maybe it's just an artistic pageant that women enjoy.

I'm not sure how I'd react if I was at a party and a girl came in wearing one of these outfits (zombie makeup and baskets as bras?).

So, do you get fashion ideas from the show? Or is it a very exaggerated pageant of beauty that you like to watch? I never see women in the real world sporting these looks, so why are women so into it?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to try to crash a Fashion Week show.

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