Getting Remarried ... to Your First Husband

Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage

Nearly thirty years after she divorced former basketball player Stephen Craig, Marie Osmond is getting married again … to Craig again.

They originally tied the knot in 1982 before legally parting ways in 1985. But after Osmond's second marriage broke up, in 2007 — and after her adopted 18-year-old son Michael committed suicide last year, and after battling drug problems and depression for years — her relationship with her first love was rekindled. Her brother Donnie, with whom Marie has hosted two television shows, has said: "These two people are right for each other … My sister is so happy."

(What might be the most amazing detail: Osmond wore the same wedding dress as she did the first time.)

I find the power of first loves really fascinating. I feel like I've heard about so many people who will suddenly, in their late twenties or thirties, reconnect with their high school sweethearts and marry them. Have you encountered a lot of stories like those? Do you think that what's at work is that our early loves deeply influence the kind of people we become and vice versa — and that we're attracted to them again, all those years later, because of all the common ideas, values, and goals we share? Or do you think it's more that our early loves have such a huge impact on us that they're able to evoke far more powerful emotional responses in us than other people? Or … do you think it's something else entirely?

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