The Pros and Cons of Breaking Up in a World Run By Social Media

Con: You will accidentally black out and "like" his 200th tagged picture, and he'll get the update to his computer. And his tablet. And his phone.

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1. Pro: He'll inevitably see every incredible, sexy, happy post-breakup picture you upload.

Con: He'll also see that unfortunate picture your friend enemy posted of you with lipstick all over your face last night.

2. Pro: You can chat with new boys on Tinder!

You can run into him on Tinder.

3. Pro: You get to change your relationship status so new suitors know you're single and ready to mingle.

Con: You have to change your relationship status and subsequently update everyone in your newsfeed of your heartbreak.

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4. Pro: He'll know when you've found someone new.

Con: You'll know when he's found someone new.

5. Pro: You can click through all his old pictures where he looks terrible and feel satisfied (and evil).

Con: You can also accidentally black out and "like" his 200th tagged picture, and he'll get the update to his computer. And his tablet. And his phone.

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6. Pro: Now that you're not there to style him, his outfits suck. And you can see every single one.

Con: Though you can very easily write his name as your status, instead of in the search bar (#beenthere).

7. Pro: When he checks in on FourSquare on Saturday night, you know where not to go.

Con: You're now the girl forcing all your friends to change their plans to avoid him.

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