What Makes You Good in Bed?

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  • MYTH: For better sex, practice stopping your urine flow.
    TRUTH: Kegel exercises utilize the same (pelvic) muscles but should be performed on an empty bladder, "otherwise you increase the risk of infection," says Dr. Jill Rabin, a New York OB/GYN and co-author of Mind Over Bladder. For best results, hold for five seconds and release for 10; repeat 10 sets of five a day.
  • MYTH: You sleep better alone.
    TRUTH: Your partner's comforter-snatching habit can rob you of a few Z's, but an ongoing University of Pittsburgh study hints that being part of a happy couple can lead to better sleep. The reason? A mate makes you feel safe and can encourage you to get help for sleep conditions you wouldn't have noticed on your own.
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