Who's Your Celebrity Valentine?

Take our quiz to find our which red carpet hunk is your celebrity Valentine.
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1. What's your ideal way to spend Valentine's Day with your new man?


A night out, hitting the hottest clubs and bars, and showing each other off.

B. With a night of cheesy romance, complete with a candlelit dinner, staring into each other's eyes, and whispering sweet nothings into his ear.

C. Dinner at your favorite restaurant, followed by tickets to a comedy show or play.

D. A cozy night in, with a low-key homemade dinner and your latest Netflix picks.

2. When men you date describe their ex-girlfriends, they usually sound:


Like party girls — fun, but a little crazy.

B. A little high-maintenance.

C. Cool, like women you would probably get along with really well.

D. Like they wore the pants in the relationship.

3. You've decided to try online dating. Which profiles do you bookmark?


The best-looking guys in a five-mile radius. Why not start with the cream of the crop?

B. The men who say they're looking for a serious relationship. If you wanted a fling, you'd go to the bar.

C. The ones who make you laugh. Even if there's no great romantic connection, at least you're guaranteed a fun date.

D. The guys you can bring home to your parents.

4. What kind of relationship do you tend to have with your ex-boyfriends?


The friends-with-benefits kind — and you get along so much better now.

B. Civil, but distant — staying friends just makes it impossible to move on.

C. Unless things ended on really bad terms, you love to keep hanging out as friends.

D. You're not superclose, but you still chat and update each other on your lives.

5. The sexiest thing a man can wear is:


Body art.

B. A tailored suit.

C. Jeans paired with a funny T-shirt.

D. Whatever he's comfortable in — you're not into guys who spend more time putting together their outfits than you do.

6. The on-screen romance that your love life mirrors is:


Grease — you're a sucker for the bad boy with a heart of gold.

B. Say Anything — you're always on the lookout for the hopeless romantic, even if they're far and few in between.

C. When Harry Met Sally — you're a big believer in friendship being the best foundation to a relationship.

D. Juno — the nice guy does get the girl, if the girl is you.

7. Your friend drags you to a singles party full of people you don't know. Who's the first guy you notice when you walk in?


The one all the other women are staring at.

B. The guy mingling with a group of men and women.

C. The guy who's getting laughs and breaking the ice on the dance floor by showing off his cheesy moves.

D. The one by the bar who looks as nervous as you feel.

8. The perfect date ends with:


A kiss, and then some.

B. A peck on the lips and a promise to call.

C. Plans for a second date.

D. A hug and a text from him later that night.

9. Your perfect vacation — solo or coupled — includes:


Touring the nightlife.

B. Visiting every single landmark and tourist attraction you can fit into your schedule.

C. Chatting up the locals to get the insider experience.

D. Plenty of relaxation — it's not a vacation unless there's a beach.

10. He may be tall, dark, and handsome, but which of these qualities is an instant deal breaker for you?


Being too nice — it puts him right into the "just friends" category.

B. Playing games — why waste time with phone tag if you're into someone?

C. No funny bone — razor-sharp wit and a sense of humor is a must.

D. Being too smooth — the charming guy with all the right lines makes you wary.

Tally up the number of times you chose A, B, C, or D, and --> to find out who your celebrity valentine is!

If you chose mostly As...
Your celebrity valentine is Hollywood bad boy Colin Farrell. Though he recently said he's scaling back on his womanizing, partying lifestyle, you're not holding your breath. Besides, a bad boy with a secret soft side is a perfect combination. You're not looking for life-long partner — just a partner in crime, and who better than a guy like Colin? You're attracted to fun, bold men, and always go straight for the sexiest guy in the room. Charm, good looks, and an outgoing personality make up your dream date. Celebrate with your valentine at the hottest restaurant in town — and get your dessert to go.

If you chose mostly Bs...
Your celebrity valentine is the gorgeous Brad Pitt. This dedicated family man is also superromantic, according to Angelina Jolie. You go for guys who, like Brad, have done all the dating they're going to do and are ready to settle down. Your dream guy will go the extra mile for you and love it. Celebrate with your valentine by cooking up a romantic meal for each other at home.

If you chose mostly Cs...

Funny guy Ashton Kutcher is your celebrity valentine — his outgoing personality and sense of humor are magnetic. You're drawn to funny, laid-back guys who can take it just as well as they dish it. You know you really click with a guy when you feel like you've been friends with him forever. Celebrate with your valentine with a night on the town with a group of your coupled friends before slipping away early for some one-on-one time at home.

If you chose mostly Ds...

Sweetie Jake Gyllenhaal is your celebrity valentine — you can't resist a down-to-earth nice guy, and love a man who's not desperate to be in the spotlight 24/7. You always choose brains over brawn, and you'll gladly take a genuine, slightly dorky guy over a smooth-talking Romeo. Celebrate with your valentine with a quiet night in — the sparks really fly when it's just the two of you.

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