Sex Diary: Return of the Ex

Dana, 29, television producer, New York City

Teresa Guerrero/istock

12:30 p.m., edit suite: Flirting with Cute Editor Friend, but thinking about my ex-boyfriend of three years. We broke up a year ago because I tried to talk future, and he got freaked out at the thought of having kids. Now he wants me back. We're going to discuss at his place tonight—he's cooking!

9:39 p.m., subway: En route to ex's, trying to shake a fantasy about sex in the edit suite with Cute Editor Friend. Really hope the old guy across from me doesn't think my grin is for him.

1 a.m., ex's place: Lying on his bed, cuddling. Can you really just pick up where you left off? And—hello—we still haven't tackled the kids thing. I fall asleep; he takes the couch.


1:19 p.m., home: Make a checklist of things to do this weekend. 1) Ask Cute Editor Friend to come over to install some software on my computer. 2) Make out with him. Now that the ex-love of my life wants to get back together, I'm finally enjoying being single. Sigh. Crumple up list and start again.


7:32 p.m., subway: See an adorable toddler with her adorable parents, which reminds me how much I once wanted to see my ex's face on our little baby. Wonder if I can get that feeling back after a year spent quashing it.

7:43 p.m., clothing store: Went in for jeans and a sweater. Walked out with a very sexy lingerie set, complete with garter belt. For whom? I have no idea.


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10:21 p.m.: Texting with Cute Editor Friend about installing my new software. I want to ask him to come over and help, but that just seems so ridiculous—how many people does it take to install software? I just wanna rip his clothes off.


8:22 a.m., home: Getting ready for work. Choose some oh-so-lovely panties, just in case Cute Editor Friend magically decides to make a move. What am I doing?


10:32 p.m., ex's parents' house: At ex's parents' anniversary party. It nearly knocks me over how much I still love him and his family. Ex is near tears as he tells me he wants me back, and he wants kids.

2 a.m., ex's place: Sex with my no-longer-ex. So good I cry. Trigger pulled.

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