20 Different Positions and Sexcapades Every Woman Should Try

At least once.

Elbow, Knee, Graphics, Clip art, Circle, Physical fitness, Illustration, Ankle, Symbol, Foot,
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A (safe) one-night stand

Beach sex

Elbow, Leisure, Sitting, Knee, Abdomen, Black hair, Stomach, Muscle, Waist, Thigh,

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Backseat sex

Automotive design, Automotive exterior, Car, Red, Pink, Magenta, Fender, Classic car, Hardtop, Alloy wheel,

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A (friendly) threesome

Red, Carmine, Coquelicot, Animation, Illustration, Brick,

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Phone sex

Red, Pink, Magenta, Illustration, Symbol, Circle, Clip art, Heart, Love, Ribbon,

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Airplane sex

Elbow, Knee, Graphics, Clip art, Kneeling, Stomach, Balance, Ankle, Animation,

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(Discreet) sex in public

Green, Line, World, Aqua, Circle, Design, Meteorological phenomenon, Map,

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Circle, Number, Revolver, Household hardware, Everyday carry, Symbol, Graphics, Tool,

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Spank a partner/be spanked by a partner

Shoulder, Elbow, Human leg, Wrist, Red, Exercise, Knee, Physical fitness, Waist, Thigh,

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Shower/bathtub sex

Bathtub, Illustration, Circle, Graphics, Baby Products, Bathing, Rolling, Animation, Plumbing fixture, Symbol,

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Publicly meet a partner in character

Eyewear, Glasses, Vision care, Lip, Goggles, Red, Jaw, Colorfulness, Orange, Pattern,

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Office sex

Interaction, Sitting, Conversation, Illustration, Graphics, Love, Animation, Drawing, Stomach,

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Make a sex tape

Electronic device, Gadget, Technology, Handheld game console, Pink, Video game console, Portable electronic game, Magenta, Display device, Multimedia,

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Tantric sex

Back, Graphics, Illustration, Clip art, Silhouette, Love, Kneeling,

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Take erotic photos

Graphics, Illustration, Drawing, Clip art,

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Perform a striptease

Finger, Red, Pink, Carmine, Magenta, Thumb, Maroon, Graphics, Illustration, Sign language,

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Interaction, Magenta, Love, Silhouette, Graphics, Gesture, Clip art, Illustration, Artwork, Painting,

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Take turns being dominant/submissive

Circle, Illustration, Kitchen utensil, Feather, Graphics, Drawing, Painting, Graphic design,

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Have a foreign fling

Red, Electronic device, Pink, Technology, Magenta, Colorfulness, Gadget, Games, Symbol, Square,

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