Well, This Is Alarming: Americans Prefer Morning Coffee to Morning Sex

Perhaps it's time we reevaluate the convenience of our Starbucks Gold Cards. In a recent study of 7,455 people conducted by Le Meridien Hotels & Resorts, about 53-percent of frequent travelers (more than half of whom were women) stated they prefer a cup of coffee over morning sex. Well, this report makes perfect sense when you consider the 28-percent who feel less creative without their morning joe, and the 22-percent who are physically unable to start their day without it.

And if you're of the morning-sex-or-bust mindset, this only gets worse. Nearly 80-percent of survey participants said that they would pick coffee over alcohol, social media, or sex if they were forced to choose one over the other three for a full year. All we can say is that these 7,455 must have some pretty effing excellent coffee beans in their kitchen.

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