Crush of the Month: Boys!

Steve Granitz
We're no Mary Kay Letourneau. In fact, we usually skew old (see Grandpa Crushes). But there's something to be said for a precocious younger man, the guy who's old enough to be your younger brother's friend and hot in that "at his sexual peak, has no baggage yet, would be thrilled to make out with you in his dorm room and/or the backseat of his mom's Passat" kind of way. Here, we raise a glass to the boys whose first legal drink we'd like to buy.

Anyone who saw Superbad knows that Michael Cera (19, above) is sweet, wryly funny, and surprisingly well-adjusted for a guy whose awkward adolescent phase was mercilessly televised on Arrested Development.

Watching Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby (20) drip sweat and smash into things keeps us warm even in a drafty hockey arena. Thanks to his raw sex appeal and multimillions, we can forgive the fact that he lives with team owner Mario Lemieux.

The plausible way he soul-kisses the fat girl in Hairspray makes High School Musical's Zac Efron (20) so much more than John Travolta 2.0.

Russian-born Anton Yelchin (18) has crystal-blue eyes and a straightforward career strategy: nailing bit parts that allow him to work with big Hollywood names. We want to make like Justin Timberlake in Alpha Dog and kidnap him.

Alex Frost (20) was the only good thing about Gus Van Sant's Elephant. Frost has the shaggy hair and brooding intelligence of our original boy crush, Say Anything-era John Cusack. And you never forget your first.

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