Dumped Recently? You're Probably Going to Have Revenge Sex

Feel empowered? You won't for long.

Have you recently gone through a bad breakup? You're more likely to have revenge or rebound sex within the first four weeks of the relationship ending, according to The Huffington Post. In a study by University of Missouri, researchers studied 170 people who had recently broken up with their significant other.

Researchers reported that those who were dumped after a long relationship were more likely to use sex to cope with stress and anger from the breakup. Still, the coping mechanism isn't always healthy: People who use sex to cope with the loss of the relationship and continue to have sex with new partners even after eight months, meant that their recovery was stifled and they were unable to move on. This means that people who engaged in sex with new partners were floating in a limbo of non-permanent relationships. That sucks.

The takeaway? Don't make yourself feel worse. Rebounds may be somewhat fun in the heat of the moment, but ultimately you have to let yourself heal before you jump into bed with a new partner.


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