The 7 Worst Cities to Meet Men

Find out the truth about some of America's toughest towns for single women.
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Find out the truth about some of America's toughest towns for single women.Plus: A Geographical Guide to Finding Love
lead singer performing with a band
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MYTH: It's all fun, no commitment in this town of artsy, partying Peter Pans.
BUSTED: Try another bar. More men (50 percent) than women (47 percent) have tied the knot in Austin.
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MYTH: Beantown boys get hitched before 30 — that is, if they're not too busy obsessing over their beloved sports teams.
BUSTED: About 39 percent of Boston men have never been married, and the average age a guy gets married is 30, one of the oldest in the country.
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MYTH: Guys travel in fratty packs that can't be infiltrated.
BUSTED: Chicago guys like their buds. But when they finally ask you out, they mean business — they marry at 29, families make up 66 percent of the population, and the divorce rate is well below the national average.
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Los Angeles
MYTH: L.A. men are all about "the business" and just want the perfect piece of arm candy to accompany them to the next premiere.
BUSTED: Fewer than 10 percent of L.A. residents work in the entertainment industry, and plenty would rather have a real girl than a Botox babe.
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New York
MYTH: With a million more unattached women than men, single gals are on a subway ride to Spinsterville.
BUSTED: Single women do outnumber men in the tristate area, but the gap is closer to 200,000. Maybe not the best odds, but not insurmountable.
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MYTH: The reticent techies would rather worship their iPhones than the cute girl at the bar.
BUSTED: Seattle is "the computer-assisted dating capital of the U.S." So quit moaning and download some dating apps.
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San Francisco
MYTH: With multiple online dating accounts, Bay Area boys are hunting for an elusive, algorithmically endorsed soul mate.
BUSTED: Yes, the city has one of the highest percentage of online daters in the country, but Bay Area men can commit — nearly half have walked down the aisle.
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