11 Real-Life Proposals That'll Shatter Your Heart into a Million Mushy Pieces

Welcome to your sappy place.

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Welcome to your sappy place.

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The Marriage in Monopoly

The couple already bought houses together—more plastic than brick and tile, to be fair—so marriage seems like the next step?

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The Rollercoaster

Things that make you cry and scream simultaneously: 1) engagement proposals and 2) rides that drop you to the ground from several (hundred) feet in the sky.

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The Fireworks

He nailed it.

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The Music Video Master

Seriously?! This guy has to be the most creative proposer ever. It's a long one but soooo worth it. Do you have a box of tissues ready?

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The Super Secret Agent

Proposal 007 style. So sweet and so smooth.

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The Final Countdown

Nothin' better than a 365 day countdown — and a proposal in Aruba.

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The Planner

One question: Does he have a brother?!

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The Disney Couple

"This did not just happen!"

It did girl, it totally did.

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The Half-Time Show

Go big or go home! A perfectly executed half-time proposal.

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The Hardware Store Story

Who knew Home Depot could be so romantic?

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The Completely Epic Package

You may think flash mob proposals are tired, but you clearly haven't seen this one yet.

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