A Hired "Wingwoman" Can Help You Flirt With That Cute Guy

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Don't have the nerve to lock eyes with that guy across the bar? Now you don't have to. A Boston-based company will send someone to walk up to him for you.

Hire a Wingwoman offers both men and women just that—a wingwoman who will teach you flirting techniques, then keep that guy's less-attractive friend busy while you start a conversation.

And it isn't cheap. Rates start at $72 an hour, with a two-hour minimum. Every half hour after that costs $32. The company can also analyze your online dating profile for $79, give you date coaching for $119, and even image consulting for $149.

Hire a Wingwoman is just the latest in services like this. New York Wingwoman promises to "cut through a woman's defenses," while Wingwomen.com boasts it's a "first class ticket to meeting the women who seem untouchable." But most of these "wingwomen" only help men, and Hire a Wingwoman is one of the first to target lonely ladies, too. So if you think this whole business model is pretty sleazy, at least it's equal-opportunity sleazy.

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