Ranking States by Kinkiness (and the Kinkiest Ones Are So Not What You Think They Are)

What are they doing in the South?
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Although it has been shown to cause insanity in directors and vomiting, Fifty Shades has one good thing going for it: It's gotten people thinking and talking about topics that are usually off-limits in Polite Society.

This is precisely what more than 120,000 people did when they took BrainFall.com's sexual-adventurousness quiz, the anonymous results from which were then averaged and plotted on a map using gradients of the one color that shall not be named.

The rundown: Hawaii, Alaska, Maine, and Idaho are all rather vanilla, while Nebraska, South Carolina, Nevada, and Mississippi are into, shall we say, more alternative activities. Alabama takes the Jamie Dornan-shaped cake, though, with 38 shades of [redacted] out of a possible 50.

So *that* explains why ticket pre-sales were so high in the Bible Belt. Find out how your state measures up below.


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