A New Survey Says the World's Sexiest People Are Armenian Women and Irish Men

It's getting hot in here.

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Travel dating website Miss Travel (opens in new tab) recently released the results of a survey asking roughly 110,000 Americans who they thought the most attractive people were, and it looks like Armenian women and Irish men have us all hot and bothered. (Armenian Kim Kardashian and Irishman Jamie Dornan *might* have something to do with this.) Here are the other prime candidates from their Top 10 list:

Sexiest Men (based on the preferences of 66,309 American women):

10. Spanish

9. Danish

8. Nigerian

7. Italian

6. Scottish

5. English

4. American

3. Pakistani

2. Australian

1. Irish

Sexiest Women (based on the preferences of 44,873 American men):

10. Lebanese

9. Bulgarian

8. Filipina

7. Brazilian

6. Australian

5. English

4. Colombian

3. American

2. Barbadian/Bajan

1. Armenian

It's interesting to compare this year's results to last year's survey (opens in new tab), in which Brazilian women and Australian men were the cream of the crop. Ah, Americans. How fickle we are with everything.

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