This Bus Line Is Under Fire for Some Cringe-Worthy "Ride Me All Day" Ads

Okay, who thought this would be a good idea?
New Adventure Travel/Twitter

We all know that "sex sells," but it seems like one south Wales bus company took the adage a little too far. According to the BBC, people were outraged after an ad featuring a half-naked woman carrying a sign that read "Ride me all day for £3" appeared on the new X1 line in an effort to "make catching the bus attractive to the younger generation."

Unsurprisingly, people on social media did not find this very amusing.

But on the soooort of plus side, some of the ads featured a guy instead of a woman, so at least there's not a gender bias?

Following the backlash, New Adventure Travel has issued an apology and promised to remove all the ads within 24 hours.

Also, on a side note, do buses really need to be sexy?

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