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Great Ways to Say I "e-Love" You This Valentine's Day

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It's been said many times before that Valentine's is just a Hallmark holiday. But with the latest e-cards and clever apps dedicated to Feb. 14, Hallmark's got nothing to do with it.

We rounded up some of our personal faves to download this year.

Valentine's Hearts

Even the biggest fan of Valentine's Day likely has an issue with those chalky conversation hearts and their cliche, corresponding catchphrases ("First Kiss?" Blech…). Now, customize your own convo-heart with up to a three-line statement and send away. What's really great is the team behind these digital conversation hearts also created the Emo Hearts app, which allows for such declarations as "Love Bites" and "You Suck" and provides a countdown to when V-Day ends. $0.99.


Love someone, but perhaps not quite enough to deface Mother Nature? Our friends at Country Living save you from having to bust out the switchblade with their new app (for both the iPhone and iPad). You can "carve" customized messages — love notes and initials — on a virtual tree and then email them to your sweetheart. It's not quite the same as the real thing, but then again, what climate do you live in where you can choose from seven different tree varieties (silver birch or palm tree, anyone?) to make your mark? $0.99.


Why spend close to an hour at Walgreens frantically pulling — and then promptly putting back — card after not-that-funny card when you can spend a millisecond loading up this site and pulling the first, hilarious greeting from their homepage. (Warning: You may end up spending an hour scrolling through the more than 80 genius Valentine's Day one-liners.) Our personal favorites: "Sorry, the only ring you're wearing this Valentine's Day is a contraceptive in your vagina" and "Don't forget that blow jobs are like flowers for men." The mushiest one in the bunch? "I can't believe how much I'm not sick of you." Awwwww. Free.

The Questions

Your phone provides you with so much — the latest news, weather reports, a tip calculator — so why shouldn't it also provide you with relationship advice? This app, based on a book by psychologist Dr. Elsbeth Martindale, is a 76-question session to help you work through life's big changes, whether you're newly single or newly committed. So if you're contemplating moving in together or struggling to choose between two potential suitors, you can finally take your therapist off speed-dial. (Not ready to fully commit? Try the 10 questions in the "lite" version for free.) $3.99.

CallOut Cards

If you're feeling a bit more passive-agressive than passionate this holiday, ThatsNotCool.com is the perfect fit. Like someecards, it offers up a variety of e-cards on a range of topics from cell phone trouble to privacy problems. And, of course, it includes a number of notes that send the message that you'd like to be texted a little less often, please ("Thanks for the thoughtful text … every 10 seconds") or those that convey a bit more satisfaction with your digitally communicating partner ("It was so satisfying to waste the 12 hours IMing"). Free.

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