The Discerning Girl's Guide to Hot Guys

They speak multiple languages, have business acumen, are world-class musicians, went to Harvard, etc. etc. You're welcome.
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They speak multiple languages, have business acumen, are world-class musicians, went to Harvard, etc. etc. Consider this eye candy for the thinking woman.
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Matthew Gray Gubler
Model, director, painter of squiggly portraits, and favorite awkward doctor on Criminal Minds—Gubler is particularly well-rounded in the Eligible Bachelor department.
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Phillip Agnew
Agnew founded Dream Defenders, a civil rights organization whose goal is to combat racial violence, and was invited to the White House to meet with President Obama. So: Yes.
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Charlie Siem

What's that? Oh, just a supremely well-dressed 29-year-old world-class violinist/composer/model.

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Andy Dunn
A discerning girl not only needs an intellectual, but she also needs a sartorialist. Cue Andy Dunn, the CEO and founder of men's online retailer He's got well-fitting pants and a seriously cute face.
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Aaron Diehl

He's a jazz virtuoso and a rising star in the music world. Who doesn't want a man who can play you "Rhapsody in Blue" before bed?

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Roo Panes

Just look up his Burberry campaign with Gabriella Wilde. Other credentials: a super soulful voice that could sing you to sleep, persuade you to run away to Dorset together, whatever.

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Bobak Ferdowsi

People: This guy was the systems engineer and flight director for NASA's Mars Curiosity rover. !! If you ever needed a reason to apply to NASA…

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Miles McMillan

Okay, so maybe the discerning girl can't actually have the model (damn you, Zachary Quinto), but he's nice to look at pictures of, don't you think?

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Tom Hiddleston

Besides acting and perhaps demoting B. Cumberbatch to the internet's side piece, Hiddleston speaks five languages and can sword-fight like a pro. He's also just *so* dreamy. At least three out of five editors support this message.

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Joshua Kushner
Disclaimer: Kushner is, in fact, dating Karlie Kloss. But admiring him for his business acumen (founder and partner of venture capital firm Thrive Capital) and pedigree (Harvard undergrad and Harvard Business School, in-law to Ivanka Trump) is cool too! *frowns*
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