A look inside what it takes to transition

Transparent Producer Ernst Transplaining Problem

A look inside the hit show, and what pop culture gets right (and wrong) about trans issues.

male privilege
A Study in Sexism: What Happens When Trans Women...

The surprise on the other side of the transition.

gender queer
What If You're Not Sure You're Transgender?

The gender binary doesn't work for everyone.

Is Egg-Freezing the New Frontier of Transitioning?
Cole Carman, 18, may be the first-ever trans teen to freeze his eggs…
Transitioning at a women's college
What It's Like to Transition from Female to Male...
A Bryn Mawr student explains why he couldn't imagine going anywhere …
The Transgender Community by the Numbers

Stats you need to see.

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Laying It Bare: How the Whole Transition Process Works

There's so much more than hormones and surgeries.

I Can't Afford to Transition: The Unseen Costs of Being Transgender

Living authentically comes with a hefty price tag.