Taylor Swift Uses Treadmill, Raps Some Drake, Dances Too Hard, Falls Over

All in the name of free ๐Ÿ ย ๐ŸŽตย .


It seems as though lyrical shade thrower Taylor Swift has teamed up with Apple Music to announce three full months of free streaming. More importantly, she did so while rapping on a treadmill.

In the below ad, Taylor chills at the gym in full makeup (totally normal way to work out), announces "I hate cardio," starts rapping the lyrics to "Jumpman," gets a little too hype, and then flies off her treadmill onto the floor.

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Can we all agree that she just reached peak relatable? Also, free music, yay! 

(P.S. We have a feeling Apple will most definitely be paying artists for this three-month period if Taylor has anything to say about it.)

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