Best of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days

Even a year ago, we knew that Ukraine had a unique fashion scene. We decided to make the long trek to Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days to see what people were wearing and what top designers are making international waves.


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    Sasha Kanevski

    In a trippy mix of alien heads and fiery neon patterns, Kanevski played with digital prints to create "the cool girl's" space age collection. The cartoonish "little green man" made his appearance on sets of light blue leotards and full length bodysuits, while psychedelic skeletons were printed in fluorescent colors on short dresses and bodysuits. Sure, the clothes were based on "out of this world" creations, but they were close to home with some very wearable pieces. 

    Runway: Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days; Instagram: Courtesy of Liana Satenstein
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