Best of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days

Even a year ago, we knew that Ukraine had a unique fashion scene. We decided to make the long trek to Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days to see what people were wearing and what top designers are making international waves.


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    RCR Khomenko

    The master of post-Soviet caricature, Yasia Khomenko mixed English sports team logos and Ukrainian fairy tale characters together in a bazaar of fabrics. There were conversational pieces that included a car print tuxedo dress, a playful boat neck tropical frock, and a pair of bright blue trousers emblazoned with soccer team logos. For a collection that was so inspired by youth, the clothing was anything but child's play — Khomenko's collection is one we would gladly fit into our wardrobe.
    Runway: Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days; Instagram: Courtesy of Liana Satenstein
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