The Hunger Games Hair: Behind-the-Scenes Secrets

Linda Flowers, the lead hair designer for the hit book-turned-movie reveals how she perfected everything from Katniss' side braid to Effie's Capitol-friendly dye job.


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    Effie Trinket

    Anyone who read the young-adult trilogy, has been anticipating two things for the big-screen adaptation: How the hell are they going to show kids killing kids in a reality TV fight-to-the-death competition, and how bizarre are the citizens of the Capitol going to look? Enter Effie Trinket. "Because this movie is set in the future, we didn't have real guidelines," Flowers says. "It's not like doing a period piece from the '30s or '40s where styles have already been worn. Instead we took the history of hair and moved it into what we think it might have evolved into."

    Flowers decided that the inhabitants of the Capitol would all have the foundation of a classic shape that resonated Old Hollywood and wealth that was well-cut and had a definitive structure. "Effie was very much constructed like this — a lot of emphasis on a classic finger-waved bob — but with features and wild colors that brought it into the future."

    However, for the Reaping, in which the character came to the poverty-stricken District 12 to choose tributes for the Hunger Games, Flowers wanted her look to be a bit more solemn, if that's even possible. "In the book, her hair was pink, but you can get 20 shades of pink," Flowers notes. "We chose a very light, soft, pastel palette for Effie to start. We couldn't be too happy and too bright at the Reaping or the audience wouldn't take it seriously. This was the first time they'd see anyone from the Capitol."
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