10 People Tried Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit and Here's What Happened

These are their stories. *dun dun*

As of today, Kylie's Lip Kits are still sold out. The website suggests that they will be restocking, but in the meantime, you'll have to go to eBay to get one—albeit at a much higher price than the original $29. Fortunately, we were able to get a hold of the highly coveted makeup set in the "Dolce K" color and try it out.  

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1. Helin

"The packaging is fun and feels kind of "edgy" with the drips. The lip liner and liquid lipstick go on a bit dry, but the color is great and very Kylie-ish. People did say it looked nice!"

2. Danielle

"It applied beautifully and felt nice on my lips, but the color is too dark for me."

3. Charlotte

"I don't love the color, but I think there are two others. I would've loved to try the true brown. The formula is actually really good. It's not heavy. The one thing I'm concerned about is drying. I think my lips are going to flake off after this. That said, it doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything, which is very rare when you're putting on a matte color." 

4. Mylan

"Love the color (it's super '90s grunge), but the formula, not so much. I tried to do just the lip liner since, well, isn't that all Kylie uses anyway? It was way too drying. So in the quest for "Kylie lips," I added the liquid lipstick, thinking that would be more moisturizing, but that wasn't the case. After about half an hour, it started flaking onto my Starbucks cup."

5. Tiffany

"This particular color isn't ideal for brown-skinned women—I think one of the other colors would work better for me." 

6. Eliza

"I like Kylie's entrepreneurial spirit, but ultimately this isn't my shade."

7. Elizabeth

"I rarely put anything on my lips besides copious amounts of sheer lip balm. Lipstick just doesn't do it for me. I actually liked the moody/nudey lip liner color and thought it gave my lips some sexy definition."

8. Carly

"I liked the color but it didn't suit my skin tone. The imagery on the packaging, however, is sick!"

9. Tess

"I loved Kylie's liner. It's a really simple, pretty, everyday color! Anyway, I didn't look good or bad with it all on, I just looked like a ghost who'd just enjoyed a fudge pop or something."

10. Heeseung 

"Going in, all I knew about the Kylie Lip Kit was that it had sold out in mere minutes and that kits were going on eBay for a sweet grand. So I assumed the lip kit would imbue me with magic powers. I first used the lip pencil—standard stuff; the color wasn't too far off from my normal lip color. The lipstick dried to a matte, chalky brown. Not my color."

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