Kylie Jenner's Weird Mascara Trick Is Actually Kind of Genius

And really simple to do.

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When you apply mascara, you probably try not to get it on your skin and to keep the product on your lashes only. And when you do get mascara on your eyelids or under your eyes, you're quick to remove it, right? Well, according to Kylie Jenner's makeup artist Joyce Bonelli, we've all been doing it wrong! 

In a new tutorial (opens in new tab) on Kylie's website/app, Joyce explains that while applying mascara, she lets the wand hit the skin below Kylie's eye. That gives her eyes a more dramatic look, almost like you would get if you applied black eyeliner. 

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If you get too much mascara under your eyes, you can just remove a bit with a Q-tip and makeup remover. 

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It's such an easy trick, but totally genius. Smudgy liner gives you that edgy-pretty vibe, and this way you can achieve the look with only one product.  👍Thanks, Kylie and Joyce! 

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