You're Going to Want *Everything* from Kylie Jenner's New Birthday Edition Makeup Collection

So. Many. New. Products.

Kylie Jenner, almost-19-year-old and empress of her own beauty empire, just unveiled the next product launch from Kylie Cosmetics—and it is by far the biggest launch she's ever done. The soon-to-be-birthday-girl announced her newest #SummerSurprise on Snapchat (because where else?) this afternoon, revealing what's inside that little black pouch she's been teasing on social media all week.

Kylie shared a series of snaps—taken outside because she "loves showing her new products in the sunlight"—to unveil the contents of the mysterious bag.

You can all breathe a sigh of relief—it's not just a new lip kit shade. It's a special-edition assortment of products, released in honor of King Kylie's birthday on August 10.

Reveal #1: the Kylie Cosmetics makeup bag, branded with Kylie Jenner's famous pout and probably too small to hold your growing collection of liquid lipsticks, liners, and (if you were a lucky/speedy one who snagged one in the 60 seconds before they sold out (opens in new tab)) an eyeshadow palette.


Go ahead, Ky, take your sweet time...

Finally. Onto the good stuff:

First out of the makeup case: Kyliner. An expected follow-up to her recent Kyshadow palette (opens in new tab), this debut eyeliner comes in Dark Bronze because "that's what [Kylie] loves to wear every day." The kit includes a pencil liner as well as a gel version, plus a brush to apply it.

Now, let's swatch it, shall we?

Next up? Matte liquid lipstick, of course.

But this is not just your ordinary lip kit. The Birthday Edition set features six mini gold tubes in some of her best matte shades, including Candy K, Exposed, Koko K, Dolce K, Kristen, and a new birthday shade named after Kylie's zodiac sign, Leo.

The massive haul continues with a new gloss called Poppin'. (So is everyone singing "my lipgloss is cool, my lipgloss be poppin'" in their head right now, or is that just me?)

Just check out that shimmery golden goodness:

Oh, and FYI, everything in this collection is infused with REAL GOLD. ✨✨✨

Kylie then goes on to pull out a new metal matte lipstick, also a gold shade (seems to be the theme of this collection), called Lord. Shoutout to Scott Disick, perhaps?

But wait—there's more! New créme eye shadows in two metallic shades: Gold (which Kylie says is actually more of a copper) and Rose Gold. These are another first for the Kylie Cosmetics range, and what Kylie says she's most excited about from this epic Birthday Edition collection. (Side note: this makeup bag is seriously rivaling Mary Poppins' magic tote with how much is packed inside here.)

This is what the Gold shade looks like:

And here's Rose Gold:

Kylie sneakily used both these shadows on her bestie Jordyn Woods before they launched when she Snapchatted her makeup artist skills earlier this weekend.

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And here's her friend Stassie wearing the Gold créme shadow:

Last but not least, the collection features an exclusive new lip kit shade, Leo. This matte maroon color is also included in the mini liquid lipsticks set, but with the complete kit you'll get the full-size product and the coordinating liner.

Swatch time! This shade is going to be *perfect* for fall.

The Birthday Edition collection hits (opens in new tab) tomorrow at 3 p.m. PST, and will only be available until August 10. Pricing is unknown as of now, but considering a single lip kit is $29, we're guessing it won't be cheap.

Fortunately for the more frugal among us, the products will be available for individual purchase too, in case you don't want to drop your entire paycheck on the complete set.

For those of you hoping for a sooner-than-later restock on her recent KyShadow palette, unfortunately that won't happen until after the 10th. Kylie mentions in her Snapchat video that she's taking the next couple weeks to focus on this new collection. Good news is, she says she's been building up the inventory for this special birthday release for a while now, so she "knows there'll be enough for everybody." We'll see.

Have your browsers open and ready tomorrow afternoon, guys—we're guessing this collection will go quick.

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