Kylie Just Revealed More Lip Kit Colors...but There's a Catch


Kylie Just Revealed More Lip Kit Colors...but There's a Catch
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If you've ever wondered what it's like to have defective rods and cones/be a dog, look no further than one of beauty boss Kylie Jenner's latest Instagram posts, which shows her forearm covered in swatches of her Lip Kit's newest shades. From left to right, we've got light gray, slightly darker gray, deep gray, then almost black. Wait, what? KYLIE.

The product's official account isn't much help either. 

At most, you can see they've retained the color payoff and matte finish—and the sold-out-in-seconds-*twice* hype. May your fingers be swift, your Internet connection strong, and your luck better than last time. You'll need it.

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