13-Year-Old Kim Kardashian Already Knew She Was Going to Become 'Kim Kardashian'

Like Diane von Furstenberg. Sort of.

kim kardashian thirteen
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On the occasion of Kim Kardashian's 34th birthday, Entertainment Tonight dug deep into the archives and resurfaced with a gift for all of us: home video of 13-year-old Kim celebrating her eighth-grade graduation in 1994.

Sporting a chin-length bob and showing the effects of cake/adolescent excitement, spirited little Kimmy introduces herself as "the dopest on the ropest person in this class" and predicts her own future with uncanny accuracy: "Does someone want to get a tape of this because I hope you do so you can see me when I'm famous and old, and you're going to remember me as this beautiful little girl."

In the video below, watch Kim-before-she-was-Kim flail and turn in a circle at the same time, and catch some bonus footage of Kris doing an early version of the "Gangnam Style" dance.

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