Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Were Spotted by Fans During a Secret Trip to Houston

Yes, there's a video.

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Other than a beauty promo ever-so-subtly teasing her pregnancy, Kylie Jenner has been completely off the radar since news broke that she's expecting her first child with Travis Scott. But apparently the couple flew to Houston for an under-the-radar trip, and were even spotted by fans:

The pair were also seen grabbing lunch at a pizza place: "Kylie and Travis came in right after the lunch rush. There were only about eight people total in the restaurant," a source tells E! news. "They came in at the perfect time because no one was in here."

Apparently, Kylie ordered a pepperoni pizza which was paid for by her bodyguards, and when she forgot her phone, Travis ran back in to grab it for her. (FYI, he's from Houston and recently bought his parents a home there.) The source claims there wasn't any PDA between the pair.

The couple have yet to confirm their pregnancy, but apparently they're expecting a baby girl, while Kylie's sister Khloé Kardashian is pregnant with a boy.

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