Kim Kardashian Drank a Sardine Smoothie to Avoid Confirming Her Sisters' Pregnancies

Oh, and she also ranked her family from best to worst dressed.

First she spat it out:Then she was like, "f*ck:"And then she gargled and spat out her water on air.

Kim Kardashian showed up on The Late Late Show to play that game where James Corden makes people answer embarassing questions or eat a bunch of disgusting food (bull penis, anyone?), and she delivered.

Not only did Kim willingly rank her sisters from best to worst dressed (her pick for worst is not going to be thrilled), James Corden asked her about Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner's reported pregnancies. The alternative to confirming? Drinking a Sardine smoothie.

Obviously, Kim refused to talk about her sisters, so she drank the smoothie. And um....

First she spat it out:

Then she was like, "f*ck:"

And then she gargled and spat out her water on air.

Can we all agree that Kim's latest round of press is her best yet? Time to go re-watch her Jennifer Lawrence interview.

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