Did Stephanie Shepherd Just Shade Kim Kardashian?

*Waits for receipts.* 👀

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While we don't know much about what happened between Kim Kardashian and her former assistant Stephanie Shepherd, we do know that they're reportedly not talking in the wake of Kardashian's decision to cut ties with her right-hand gal earlier this month.

Which makes us question whether a picture Shepherd posted on her Instagram story Wednesday afternoon has anything to do with her and Kardashian's severed relationship.

The post reads, "Self care isn't always lush bath bombs & $20 face masks. Sometimes, it's going to bed @ 8pm or letting go of a bad friend. It's forgiving yourself for not meeting your impossible standards & understanding you are worth it. Self care isn't always luxury but a mean for survival."

Instagram Story / @steph_shep

Shepherd has been Kardashian's assistant since 2013 as well as a close friend of the family. Maybe Kim will drop some hints on the status of their relationship on an upcoming #KUWTK?

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