People Think There's a Secret Message About Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy in Her Christmas Tree

Check out the color scheme.

Getty Images

Word on the street (read: the internet) is that Kylie Jenner is kinda-sorta-maybe-definitely pregnant with her first child, and judging from her Christmas tree decorations this year, she's having a girl.

Reports broke that Kylie was expecting a daughter back in September, then she was seen at what appeared to be a pink-themed baby shower, and now her new tree appears to be sticking to the "it's a girl!" vibes.

Fans seem pretty convinced that this is a subtle way for Kylie to let everyone know she's expecting a daughter, with comments like "Its a girrrrl 🌸💕" and "Ok, it’s a girl" in a sea of "LBs" and "Follow Backs."

FYI, Kylie is expected to have her baby in the new year, and according to People won't announce the pregnancy until after she's given birth.

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