North West Casually Uses Kim's $4,500 Trench Coat as a Napkin

How else would you wipe off movie-butter popcorn?

Movie snacks pose a great dilemma: Crunching through something while you watch 40 minutes of movie trailers is fun, and truly, there's nothing like authentic, totally synthetic buttered movie theater popcorn. On the other hand, napkins? Where are they? It's dark. Your hands are sticky. You are PARCHED. Hands. So much butter. Can't see a thing. *PANIC WIPE WITHOUT DISCRETION.*

North West, it appears, experienced this very problem this weekend when she went to the movies with her mom and dad. The noted fun-haver (see: Disney-themed birthday parties (opens in new tab) and enthusiastic dance-offs (opens in new tab) as evidence) went for the fun option of buttered popcorn and, it seems, was forced to use the closest napkin-like object at hand. Specifically, Kim Kardashian West's $4,500 Lanvin trench coat (opens in new tab).

Post-movie, Kim emerged from the theater carrying her two-year-old daughter, and sporting buttery finger prints on her coat. (Meanwhile, it's like 80-plus degrees in Calabasas right now, aren't you sweating in that trench Kimmy?) North, still clutching the bag of popcorn, was caught butter-handed.

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We're sure that since she's a mom (with baby #2 on the way) and North is the cutest thing on the planet, Kim didn't mind—little kids are really freaking messy...even the ones in mini designer clothing. But, yeah, that's why we always go for the Junior Mints.

Sally Holmes
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