Khloé Kardashian Praises Kim Kardashian Amid Cultural Appropriation Controversy

This is not a good look.

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Kim Kardashian has been causing some controversy (apologies: kontroversy) thanks to the fact that she debuted culturally appropriative braids—the style of which she's incorrectly attributing to Bo Derek:

Understandably, many people find this look problematic (to quote journalist Monique Judge, "You are raising black daughters, so you need to do a better job of respecting the culture"), but Kim appears not to care. At least judging by this Instagram, in which she said as much:

The star has also been clapping back at people who question her new look (specifically Lindsay Lohan), and her sister Khloé is fully supportive.

Confidence might look good on Kim, but appropriation with no f*cks given does not.

Mehera Bonner
Entertainment Editor

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