Kim Kardashian Finally Gives Up on Heels

We're surprised she kept it up for as long as she did TBH.

Kim Kardashian pregnant
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Kim Kardashian, chic mom-to-be, has perhaps become even more stylish in her maternity days than before she was pregnant. Or, at the very least, she's kept her fashion game (opens in new tab) in top form, continuing to wear her signature bodycon dresses and sky-high heels despite her 8-month-big (and growing) baby bump.

But wait—what's this? Are those flats we see, Mrs. Kardashian West?

The reality star gave us a rare glimpse at her semi-normal side last night when she and Kanye stepped out for a double date with Kris Jenner and her beau Corey Gamble. She was dressed in her usual uniform of a clingy dress and lightweight duster jacket, but in place of her ever-present stilettos were a pair of black rubber slides. Granted they were Givenchy, because of course, but it's still nice to see that even the almighty Kim takes a break from being glam every now and then.

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Sarah Lindig
Sarah Lindig

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