The Full "Work" Video Is Here, and Rihanna and Drake Are *Too Much*

::spontaneously combusts::

Update, 2/22: IT'S HERE. And Rihanna and Drake need to have babies already. 

Original story, 2/19:

In advance of the full video's premiere on Monday, Rihanna has shared a 30-second teaser for "Work," which stars her song partner Drake. As usually happens when Rihanna and Drake get together for a video, there's a lot of flirting and feelings, so if you've got any fan fiction saved in drafts now's the time to polish it up. Picture it: A smoky room, sometime after midnight. Rihanna is circling in a mesh dress, wondering why there are no men up to her standards. Then she spots him. A Canadian with a predilection for turtleneck sweaters. Is he the one? Up to you! Choose your own Aubrey adventure. 

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