'Get Out' Won Best Screenplay at the Oscars and Celebrity Twitter Couldn't Handle It

Jordan! Jordan! Jordan!

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Now you must call Get Out, "Academy Award–Winning Film, Get Out." And all we have to say is, "Hell, yes." When writer and director Jordan Peele's name was announced as the winner of the Best Screenplay Oscar, the audience, social media, and everyone on my couch erupted in wild applause. But it wasn't just regular movie-goers who were thrilled—pretty much all of Hollywood lost it on Twitter.

Olivia Munn


Sophia Bush

Busy Philips

B.J. Novak

Seth Meyers

Kumail Nanjiani

Mara Wilson

Billy Eichner

Chrissy Teigen

Anna Chlumsky

Laverne Cox

John Stamos

Gabby Sidibe

All these people are members of the Academy, right? Because, if so, our hopes for Get Out's Best Picture win just got higher.

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