Is Selena Gomez Lowkey Trolling Justin Bieber on Instagram?

No surprise Justin Bieber just unfollowed her...

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As the flames from Selena Gomez's great Instagram roast of Justin Bieber (opens in new tab) last night die down, Gomez returned to the platform this morning to continue the message (opens in new tab) she began sending to her ex, the guy who sparked a Belieber outrage when he said if they were his real fans, they wouldn't hate on the new girl he's dating (opens in new tab), yesterday. Gomez's statement? This is how you treat the people who cheer you on:

Gomez has posted three photos so far of fans—something she has regularly done throughout her tour on both her official and tour Instagram accounts.

She also responded to one, promising fame would never change the way she treated them:

And, as Gomez has done before (opens in new tab), she hasn't been without a few strategic likes on Selenator posts—two making it clear just what she thinks of the fact Bieber is dating a 17-year-old.

She's also enabled comments on her two most recent posts, something she hasn't been doing as much lately after she was slammed for her Taylor Swift Snapchat scandal response (opens in new tab) (and Instagram gave high-profile users the option to disable or automatically delete abusive comments). It's pretty clear why she did: the internet is celebrating her:

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Bieber followed her account last night. But as of 10 a.m. this morning, he no longer does.

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In terms of fan treatment, Bieber is no Gomez. In March, he ended meet and greets with his fans (opens in new tab); in May, he instated a no photo policy in May (something he's even turned into tour merchandise (opens in new tab), with his "I Don't Do Photos" shirts).

His Instagram is mostly of memes, his outdoor adventures, and photos of him performing—Belieber pics are just not his style.

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Hailey Baldwin, Bieber's ex from January (opens in new tab), also appears to have vaguely weighed in on the Belieber scandal with her own Instagram: a quote encouraging everyone to "take complete responsibility for our actions" and not misplace "the blame onto someone else."

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