Kim Kardashian Blew Up Snapchat with Twerking Videos

So. Much. Twerking.

Getty Images

Kim Kardashian continues to own the internet, and not you, not Taylor Swift, not nobody can dethrone the queen.

The self-proclaimed Turbo Thot is currently vacationing in Mexico with Saint, North, and a bunch of friends, and they're having an amazing time. Also, someone taught Kim how to twerk so hold on to your butts, there's some action coming your way!

And then there's this latest one from Kim's Instagram — she's a natural! Kind-of!

And then there's Kim Kardashian, TURBO THOT:

And finally, here's Kim dancing with North West, who is being ridiculously adorable, per usual:

The "get it, girl!" commentary on the video below is extra cute:

And finally, here's a piñata of Kim's ass because OF COURSE GOD I LOVE THIS WOMAN:

Ugh, is it too late to book my ticket?

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