11 Kim Kardashian's Most Controversial Moments

Because we can't include everything!

Kim Kardashian
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Kim Kardashian seems to spend more time defending herself on social media these days than sharing naked selfies, and that just makes the world feel sad.

So why not celebrate Kim's gloriously controversial moments instead?

Here are eleven of them below:

1. Losing her marbles

When you're all glammed up (but trying not to look all glammed up) and using Snapchat's most alluring filter, but all anyone points out is the marbling effect on the table in the background. Because apparently it looks like two lines of cocaine (opens in new tab).

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Kim K was able to see the funny side eventually...

2. Corset-gate

Kim Kardashian had to tell her followers (and the Mail Online) that four-year-old North West was absolutely not wearing a corset (opens in new tab) after receiving backlash earlier this week. It was just a design that was made to look like a corset. Which is a big difference. We think.

3. Anyone for a vampire blood facial?

Despite Kim's brave smile, we think we'll pass, ta.

4. The nakedest naked selfie

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Kim Kardashian received criticism from Piers Morgan (yawn) (opens in new tab), Hollywood actress Chloe Grace Moritz, and Bette Midler after posting that censored naked bathroom selfie.

And good lord, Sharon Osbourne even recreated it.

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But Kim took the backlash in her stride, and responded with a simple yet sassy tweet: "Sorry I'm late to the party guys I was busy cashing my 80million video game check & transferring 53 million into our joint account."

Or it could have been Kanye...

5. How to divorce a guy in 72 days

Kim filed for a divorce from Chris Humphries after just 72 days following their extravagant and star-studded wedding in 2011. But they reportedly raked in a cool $18 million from their big day, so swings and roundabouts.

5. North's not happy

Kim learned the hard way that taking a toddler on the front row at fashion week - even if their dad is the designer—could end in tantrums. And not just from Nicki Minaj...

6. Bum deal

When untouched photos of Kim (opens in new tab) in a retro Gucci bikini on the beach emerged earlier this year, some of her followers reacted very angrily, and suggested she had been lying to them all along by posting airbrushed photos of her bum on social media.

Despite maintaining that the images had been photoshopped to "look way worse" (opens in new tab), Kim lost over 100,000 followers over it.

But considering she has 9.8 million followers, she may not have noticed.

7. Facing the wrath of Taylor's squad

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It's probably safe to say that it will be a cold day in Hell before Kim and Taylor make friends again.

After months of teasing that she had video evidence of Taylor allegedly giving Kanye Wet her permission to reference her in Famous (opens in new tab), Kim went ahead and dropped it on Instagram. Bish, bash, bosh, done.

8. The glamour!

Remember the time Kim was the face of Charmin bog roll and unveiled the opening of some loo cubicles in a New York shopping centre? You're welcome!

9. Real or fake?

it will probably remain one of life's most pondered questions, and the most searched thing on Google.

10. Bottoms up!

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Kim didn't actually break the internet, but she did manage to balance a champagne glass on her bum in her infamous shoot for Paper magazine.

11. That sex tape

And then of course there was that little thing of a sex tape with Ray J. But the less said about that the better...

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