No Big Deal, but Here's Channing Tatum Recreating 'Step Up' in a Convenience Store

Channing Tatum Recreates Step Up Video - Watch Channing Tatum Dance in a Convenience Store

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The Step Up series may have churned out five films already (yes, really), but it looks like Channing Tatum has recently been gearing up for the sixth.

In a live video posted to Facebook earlier this week, Channing and a pal stopped at a convenience store to grab some coffee and chocolate.

And in true Step Up style, it turned into an impromptu dance-off.

After the shop assistant recognized Channing, she invited him to join her at the till and keep her company, before things quickly escalated into a mini Step Up reboot. (The dancing starts at about three minutes in if you want to skip ahead.)

We probably would've preferred a bit more Magic Mike action, but hey, we'll take what we can get.

And if watching Channing and Beatrice bust some moves has got you feeling nostalgic for dance movies, then don't worry—a Step Up TV series is a very real thing that's happening. The spin-off, which will be executive produced by Channing and Jenna Dewan Tatum, will star Glee's Naya Rivera and Ne-Yo.

Naya is believed to be taking on the role of Collette in the YouTube Red series, who is described as a former dancer-turned-High Water administrator with her own secrets. Mysterious.

The series is expected to premiere later this year and is being hailed as YouTube Red's first big-budget original drama, so yeah, get ready for some serious early '00s nostalgia.

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