Kendall Jenner Says She Advised Kim Kardashian Not to Name Her Son Psalm West

Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian
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Kendall Jenner is back at New York Fashion Week this year (she didn't walk during last year's), and she kicked her week off with an appearance on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show. Jenner shared a little about herself and her family there, including her real feelings on Psalm West's name. Apparently Kim Kardashian had Jenner help her narrow names down for her son, and Psalm was not Jenner's top choice.

"Kim made me come to her house and like, help her pick a name," Jenner said. "And it was this whole thing. She would not let me leave the house until we figured out a name. And then ended up going with a name that I didn’t even—like, that I didn’t care for as much. I think they were all really beautiful, but I was kind of rooting for another name." They spent "hours" considering options, Jenner said.

Jenner spoke glowingly of baby Psalm himself though: "He’s awesome. He’s so adorable," she said.


Other topics of discussion during Jenner's appearance included the reason she literally ran away before she could meet Brad Pitt at one of Kanye West's Sunday Services.

"He did [attend]. He was there," Jenner started, a little flustered. "I think he’s been a couple times but that was the first time he was there when I was there. And I literally left early. I like couldn’t even—I just saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and it was so good, and he just gets better with age. So I was like, 'I’ve gotta go.' No, [I didn’t want to meet him] because isn’t there a saying? Don’t ever meet your superhero or whatever? I don’t know. I just love him so much. I’m like, I’m just going to leave it at that and leave. I get nervous."

Jenner also touched on North West's future career in fashion. "Oh my god for sure [she’ll get into fashion]," Jenner said. "She’s obsessed. And she’s so good at it. She does all her outfits now. And Kanye just buys her all these fun clothes and Kim as well. It’s just so cool. She’s really creative and it’s really fun to watch."

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