Khloé Kardashian Found Out In Lamar Odom's Memoir That Kris Lied to Her

Khloé and Lamar were married for seven years.

(Image credit: Todd Williamson/E! Entertainment)

Remember the absolute mess that was Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s relationship? Khloé didn’t have any kids with Lamar, but their relationship had more than its fair share of drama. Allow me to give you a quick refresher: Lamar, much like Tristan Thompson, cheated on Khloé multiple times, had a sex addiction, and once threatened to kill Khloé when he was high on ecstasy and cocaine. The pair went through several ups and downs during their seven-year marriage before ultimately divorcing in 2016.

Three years later, Lamar decided to write a memoir about his life, titled Darkness to Light, which was released this past May. But now, in a new clip from Sunday’s upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloé found out that her mother, Kris Jenner, withheld crucial details about Lamar from her.

“Lamar is writing a book,” Khloé told her sister Kylie Jenner. “In the book, I found out that Mom’s lying to me.” The clip then flashes to Kris, who said, “I’m trying to do damage control,” while anxiously scrolling through her cell phone.

The clip then sees Khloé and Scott Disick discussing the matter in a kitchen. “She literally thinks you’re gonna, like, come for her,” Scott said.

Khloé’s response? “Guess what? I am.”

Unfortunately, we have no idea what Kris lied to Khloé about yet, but it sounds like it’s bad enough that Khloé is ready to go to war over it.

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