The Internet Is Losing It Over Justin Bieber's New Full-Torso Tattoo

The internet is not into gargoyles, apparently.

Justin Biber tattoo
Shareif ZiyadatGetty Images

Justin Bieber is at it again—this time, the 23-year-old pop star provocateur has covered his torso with a massive tattoo.

Bieber took to Instagram on Saturday morning to share a picture, and video, of the new ink, which appears to feature gargoyles, skeletons, an eagle, and archways across his rib cage and stomach. It appears to connect the lion and bear heads on both sides of his pectoral muscles with the enormous gothic cross at the center of his chest.

What do you think? Is Bieber gonna have to say sorry to his fans for this latest inking?

Well, the internet has some opinions, as the internet is wont to do. And the opinions are... not the nicest.

Damn! Justin cannot catch a break.

Well, at least he still cleans up nice:

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