Jennifer Lopez Got Super Competitive on 'Fallon' Last Night, Used Her Butt as a Clue

"The rear!"

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Jennifer Lopez might wear the tightest pants in town, but thanks to Jimmy Fallon and the distracting power of her own butt, she won't be adding a Catch Phrase Champ award to her trophy case.

The Boy Next Door actress made an appearance on The Tonight Show Monday evening to match wits with Black or White actor Anthony Mackie and show announcer Steve Higgins in a rapid-fire, posterior-themed version of the guessing game. The two teams are neck and neck—powering through clues like "Baby Got Back" and "make it rain"—until the tiebreaker round, when Fallon chokes on "the bottom line" despite his partner's helpful derrière-pointing.

Watch the blood-pressure-raising clip below, and note J.Lo heckling Jimmy like a hyper-competitive girl after our own hearts.

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